A little blogg about a man in his best age, his family, his motorcycle travels and other ramblings.
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Hei og velkommen til min lille side på nettet.

Her kommer jeg skrive om mine mc-turer og erfaringer. Det skal bli spennende å møte våren 2016 med en ny motorsykkel, eller iallefall ny for meg.

Hi and welcome to my newly created spot on the web

This will foremost be a page about my motorcycle travels and experiences. I am looking forward to the 2016 season, having bought a new motorcycle, new to me anyways.


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I went to see the doctor again today. I have had alot of pain after twisting my ankle in october 2015. Had an MRI Scan done, in which the radiologist didn't find much part from a fluid build up. It does however seem like my ligaments are stretched. What happens then is that the muscles in my leg try to stabilize my foot, and resulting in alot of pain. Therefore, a week from today, I am going to have surgery done.
This will leave me in a cast for about 3 weeks.. I guess it is better to be done with it than living with the pain.

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Links / länkar

A bunch of useful sites, if you like me, are interested in all things regarding motorcycles. : 

XL Forum - Where we Honda XL Owners hang out.  

Varadero & Crosstourer international forum 

Jokerns Place 

Skye Varadero 

Honda MC Parts

Lyndon Poskitt - A guy that rides around the World on his KTM, and races it also 

Lyndon again - with links to his Races to Places 

More sites will come

Random MC pictures

 @ Rjukan, Norway

 @ Stenkullen, Sweden.  300kms of nothing but rainy weather.. 

 @ Notodden, Norway

 @ the bridge leading to the Rjukan factory known from the WWII

 @ The old Town in Fredrikstad, Norway

 @ Kviteseid, Norway

 @ Vrådal, Norway

 @ Near Evje, Norway

 @ Grebbestad, Sweden


 @ Seläter, Sweden

 @ Dalen, Telemark, Norway

 @ Lyseboth, Norway - Half way destination of Skyes Fjelltur 2015

 @ Near Suleskaret, Norway


 @ Strömstad, Sweden

@ Munkedal Sweden, shopping the obligatory swedish "fika".  Meaning a coffe break with some freshly baked pasteries. Daughter is along for the ride. 

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My family

Just a few pics of my family that I adore and love more than anything.  <3 

The Quintet


The wife and I in NY 





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Min MC / My Motorcycle

May 2013 I started looking for a new motorcycle, as I hadn't ridden one in about 15 years. 

I always liked the old Honda Africa Twin and the old Honda Transalps. I also like the Kawa Versys and Ktm's. After looking at several bikes, reading up on several forums and reviews, I decided to go for the XL700 Transalp. This was for a few reasons. 

1. Price, it was only slightly more expensive than the older Transalps

2. It had injection, didn't want to fiddle with carburetors, as I had memories of my Yamaha RS never quite working right. 

3. I liked the looks of it, even the querky looking headlamp. (kind of retro)

I ended up with this :  A 2008 modell XL700 Transalp, that was first used may 2009. It had only done 5000km, so it felt new.

It has taken me on many fun trips and never let me down. It took me a while to get a windscreen that fitted my needs, but after I compromised with a tall Givi screen, and the lip from a MRA Vario Screen, it worked fine. No more disturbing turbulence or high wind noise. The only thing I missed on the bike now was a 6th gear. 

I added Givi panniers, Givi Tank bag, Givi crash bars and LED DRL lamps from China (about $20 a pair).

After three super fun seasons, with a lot of travels I decided to sell the bike. It had done 2600km's when the new owner came and picked it up in october 2015. 

Now, after three months of searching, I have found my next bike. And surprise, surprise - it is a Honda XL1000 Varadero, The "big brother" of the Transalp.

This time it is also a 2008 model bike with 2000kms on the clock. 

Here are some pictures from the ad, as I haven't picked it up yet. 





I think this motorcycle will be the perfect match for me, considering my length, weight and the way it will be used. Mostly commuting during the off season, and long travels in summer. It also has that 6th gear I have missed, and a bit more umph (read horsepower) which is never wrong. 

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